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        In March, 1994, the fortunate meeting of Roman Redko, the director of Open company Commercial firm Authority (Khartsyzsk) with trainer's tandem of V.Vasilev and A.Chernov took place on the initiative of Khartsyzsk table tennis schools pupil, now master of sport Oleg Repkin (trainer V.Anisimov) and led to the creation of table tennis club under the same name.
        Since 1989 the trainers A.Chernov and V. Vasil'ev have been working together with capable young sportsmen Alexander Tereschenko, Yury Matveychuk, Konstantin Rybalchenko who made teams backbone together with the captain Oleg Repkin. In a short space of time the team achieved brilliant success. It became the winner of the second and first leagues tournament and joined the Major league; being the youngest mens team it took part in international competitions.
        A season after it became the silver prizewinner of Club Championship and presented Ukraine in Eurocup. And the season of 1996-1997 was the most successful in the history of sports club Authority - the club became the Champion of Ukraine.
        During four years - up to 1999 - there was a unique stationary hall in the club for table tennis on the basis of which the Olympic and National combined teams of Ukraine were training.
        The sports club Authority enjoys the deserved popularity of table tennis lovers in Ukraine. It keeps and increases the traditions of domestic table tennis that goes through the complicated period of the history for the last two years.
        Beginning from the foundation of the sports club Authority Roman Redko is its President and the initiator of the other sports directions development. On the basis of the club the equestrian-sporting school and soccer command were created.
        There are tennis rackets masters of standing reputation. In 2005 with invitation and signing the contract with two Chinese tennis-players - Liu Sibo and Ke Chenli the new coil of the teams rising began. The main purpose of the invitation of legionaries is to give sportsmen the opportunity of playing more often with real sparring-partners in order to rise the level of playing and to perfect skills. During the season 2005-2006 the team joined the Super league and became the gold prizewinner in the Major league.
        In the beginning of 2006-2007 season the clubs team is the Champion of Ukraine, twice silver, three times bronze prizewinner of our country. Competing in the Club Championship with the strongest sportsmen of Ukraine and Kazakhstan the players took the IV place.
        In January, 2007 Vitaly Levshin, the pupil of the sports club Authority went back and joined the team again. Since his childhood he has trained and played for the club. His returning to a native time gives the club a chance to pretend to a champions title.
        In September, 2007 a new player from China was admitted into the clubs table tennis team. It is Guo Jian, the youing and perspective sportsman of 19 years from the known Chinese sporting center in Tyan'tszin. The style of his playing can be characterized as sharply attacking. His plays with the left hand that makes extra difficulties for his competitors. Guo has the experience of competitions in Evrope. During the previous season he was in Portugal where he took part in the national championship and played successfully.
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